Social Media Trendsetter Competition: TASK 3

Would you like to win an annual subscription to Entrepreneur magazine?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 175 million members.  LinkedIn also allows professionals to tap into each other’s knowledge and experience through the LinkedIn Answers page.

What to do to win this week’s prize:

Create a LinkedIn profile (if you don’t already have one) or make sure that your profile on LinkedIn is up to date. Here is an example of an up-to-date LinkedIn profile: Mark Frankel.

• Remember that you need to showcase your business, so provide links to your website, links to your staff members who are also on LinkedIn. There is no limit to this challenge, be as creative as you want.

Connect to at least 3 people in your industry.

Follow Shanduka Black Umbrellas as a company.

• In LinkedIn Answers, LinkedIn Groups or in current discussions, find a conversation that relates to your industry or about entrepreneurship. Engage with people in this discussion and try to answer some of the questions in the discussion as well.

• Remember you are an expert in your industry, so answer a question in an area that you are knowledgeable in.

Tweet to @sblackumbrellas with a link to the discussion on LinkedIn and tell us what the discussion is about. Do not only tweet the link, because this will look like spam. You can also share something that you’ve learnt through the discussion. Remember to keep it interesting and always include the hashtag #SBUcompetition on tweets.

You must provide the best (most helpful) information in your tweet. Only the first link sent will be entered into the competition.

You can also share this on your Facebook business page or the Shanduka Black Umbrellas page, but this will not be part of the competition, although it will be good for your business. This will generate interest in your own fan page and Twitter account. Keep sharing interesting content regularly and also share with your customers, friends and family. Make it interesting so that people will want to engage with you.

The person with the best LinkedIn engagement, as shared in their tweet, will win this task.

LinkedIn strategy tips:

• LinkedIn for small businesses, 6 videos introducing LinkedIn for small businesses, here is the first video,
• LinkedIn is the most professional social media environment. Always use full, proper English on LinkedIn at all times. Look at some business accounts such as Coca-Cola for examples.
• Hashtags are not used on LinkedIn.

A few helpful articles on the benefits of LinkedIn for businesses:
• Social Media questions, find the latest information on Mashable.
• Remember to tweet about your LinkedIn profile.

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