Social Media Trendsetter Competition task 4: YouTube

This week you could win a Canon Powershot AS10 Digital camera!

In January 2012, YouTube stated that the site was receiving four billion views per day.[17] Since YouTube is a free tool, it is an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs to store and share video clips about their business. You can showcase your business, products or services to customers and potential funders. YouTube videos can be embedded on your own website, shared on other social media websites, such as your Facebook page or a link in a Tweet. A YouTube link can be shared in marketing and sales related emails. In fact the options are almost endless.

What to do to win this week’s prize:

  • Create a video with a short and powerful business pitch and post it to YouTube (maximum 3 min). (There is a camera at each incubator, so please ask your regional manager for a chance to use it if you don’t have your own one.)
  • Post the link to your video on the Facebook fan page of Shanduka Black Umbrellas.
    • Tweet to @sblackumbrellas about the video you posted, include the link to the YouTube video so others can also view it. Remember to keep it interesting and always include the hashtag #SBUcompetition in tweets.
    • The best video with the most powerful pitch to potential clients or customers will win this task.
    • The deadline for this task is 00:00 (midnight) on Sunday, 18 November.

You can also share the video on your Facebook fan page and Twitter account, but this will not be part of the competition, but it will be good for your business. Sharing interesting content increases the chances of people engaging with your brand.

Remember that you are trying to bring attention to your business and your products or services. This is a marketing video. After seeing it, we should all want to buy your product/service or invest in your business. If you have previously posted a video about your business to YouTube, you can use it for this task.

YouTube tips:

Tips for advanced users:

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2 Responses to Social Media Trendsetter Competition task 4: YouTube

  1. Hi there

    I believe I was the only entrepreneur who submitted Task 4. Does that mean I get the camera?

  2. So who eventually won this challenge? I was the first and only person to submit a video smack on the original deadline.. before some clever person decided to extend the deadline because they could not give the camera to me..

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